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Refried.jeans is THE family business of David & Judy Shedlock, along with some of their siblings and offspring. We have been selling postcards on eBay for 20 years. As far as we know, we have the largest postcard inventory on eBay with 90,000+ listings, along with 128,000 in positive feedback and a 100% rating. We have a large, steady, and loyal customer base.

We are accepting consignments from those who 1) would like to move a large quantity of quality inventory, 2) do not wish to be on ebay themselves, or 3) who do not do the volume we do. We request to have these on consignment for a minimum of 4 months from listing date. During this time we will place them as auctions, at least twice. Then, we will place them in our store. Over half of our sales come from stores.

At the end of the four months, we can

A. Keep them longer with your permission. We recommend you increase the discount at that point, so we can lower the prices and move your cards faster, but it is not required.

B. Return any unsold cards to you. 

C. Buy what is left outright for an agreed upon price. This is an ideal way to get your best price if you are selling out, disposing of an estate or downsizing your collection.  

We will list your postcards (up to 600 per week until all listed) and pay you weekly for what sells, either by Paypal or by sending you a check.We will pay you your asking price, what you have marked on each individual postcard, minus any agreed upon dealer discount, regardless of what it sells for. We will pay all ebay listing/relisting fees, final value fees, paypal fees, and shipping costs to get the postcard to the buyer.

Ideally we would choose from your inventory what we think would sell on ebay. We are interested in getting up to ten thousand for this winter, the best selling season on ebay.


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